The Ocean

​Steve Angello & Illir Latifi


Starring the MMA fighter, Ilir Latifi, as a boxer and single father.

The video starts with vacillating scenes of the father/boxer carrying his daughter, and the same father/boxer by the ocean, dripping in blood. The viewer is then taken to an earlier time in the boxer’s life, where he is seen training for a fight, and then cooking for his daughter, along with putting her to bed. We then see the boxer make it to his next fight, as he and his opponent quickly size each other up. The savage battle then begins, and we observe the father/boxer being brutally beaten by his bloodthirsty opponent. As the bloody fight continues, the merciless crowd cheers on and records the scene on their phones, while the boxer’s daughter watches in unrelenting terror. The video culminates with the father/boxer working at a pita factory; and with no clear conclusion provided, the viewer is forced to create one of their own.

The Ocean
Genre Music Video
Produced for ​Rebel Studios, Size Film
Year 2015