The Last Igloo

Vanishing Arctic.


Follow a lone Inuit as he hunts, fishes, and constructs an igloo. It tells the story of skills that are disappearing and of how climate change is affecting the lives of Greenland’s indigenous people.

With its focus on the ingenious craft of igloo building before it becomes too late to record it, this is a meditative and poetic sensory immersion in a landscape of ice and snow, an elegy to a world that is melting away.

But the igloo will soon be lost forever. The arctic is warming at twice the rate of anywhere else on earth, while Greenland’s ice sheet is vanishing four times faster now than in 2003. The snow and ice are disappearing, and with it, igloos and the cultures that built them.

The Last Igloo
Genre Documentary
Produced for BBC, Swan Films
Year 2019