Ocean Memories

The world's northernmost ice concert.


How to create the world’s most organic concert: find a spot on a glacier, further north than anyone has performed like this before.

Find enough chunks of ice to carve a cello, ice percussion, horns and chimes. At dawn, play “Ocean Memories”. And when you’re done, leave the instruments back where they came from – the sea. Ice instrument quartet plays ‘Ocean Memories’ music concert on an ice floe in Svalbard, the Arctic at 78°23.1 North, 016°57.1 East.

Music: Terje Isungset
Ice carving: Bill Covitz
Ice assistance & logistics: Timothy Bürgler
Iceofone & ice horn: Terje Isungset
Ice cello: Åshild Brunvoll
Ice percussion: Maria Dahlin
Ice horn: Andreas Hesselberg Hatzikiriakidis
Clothes: Dale of Norway
Sound mix: Anders Bjelland, Broen Studio
Mastering: Duper Studio

Ocean Memories
Genre Documentary
Produced for Greenpeace
Year 2019