Meet the Team


PolarX has, throughout decades of involvement in countless number of projects, built up a team of experts in all things polar.

Our team’s experience and ability has achieved world-renowned results. Click on a team member to learn more.

Jason Roberts

Managing Director

Oskar Strøm

Head of Logistics

Tom Forman

Head of Guiding

Timothy Bürgler

Logistics Coordinator

“One might wonder what their real purpose is in these desolate icy lands. The ice tugs at one’s heartstrings, whatever those who have not seen it may say; they return because they want to be there. Its beauty, its aloofness, its weird isolation, are compelling. In the midst of discomfort and danger one can find peace, so rare. Explorers talk of science, but they mean they wish to be where other people cannot go. Perhaps some day, somebody will explain this call of the ice, for it is the call of immobility, of silence, of death, and of a beauty one can realise only by being fortunate enough to have experienced it.”