Coordination of complex polar operations.


With extensive experience in all regions of both the Arctic and Antarctic we can assist with any polar logistical mandate no matter how extreme.

We provide specialised equipment to meet all logistical demands, from expedition vessels and customised working boats, to heavy glacial/land transportation. We also have a network of experienced polar personnel to provide the human power required to succeed.

Servicing the most hostile and remote areas of the planet.


World leaders in polar logistics.

With over thirty years of experience in polar logistics we are one of the foremost companies operating in this industry. Based on Svalbard in the high arctic, we have the expertise to provide all your logistical requirements across both ends of our planet. From safety support and guiding in challenging environments, to complex aircraft and vessel operations across the polar regions.

A single contact for everything cold and extreme.


Servicing the hostile regions of the planet making it effortless for your project to succeed.

We have the expertise to service all your logistical requirements:

  • Air Transport: all aspects of personnel and equipment to flights for filming projects, and also providing all the necessary permits and paperwork required for your project.
  • Vessel Charters: providing vessels to suit your projects size and requirements. We have an extensive network of contacts across the shipping industry.
  • Ice overland Transport: providing source expertise and equipment required to make your operation a success.
  • Safety/Guiding: logistics specialists knowledge embedded in the poles will benefit a positive result for your project.
  • Camp Services: providing facilities of all sizes and levels to suit your project size.

A polar project normally is a combination of services requiring an air, ocean and land-based logistics to achieve a successful result. With our multilayer experience we provide a single, seamless service.