Welcome to PolarX

The world’s logistics leader in the polar regions.


PolarX is your single contact for everything cold and extreme. Whether it is film, exploring, science, arts, transport, aviation, logistics or superyachts, we are the world’s logistics leader in the polar regions.

We are a logistics, travel, science, and film/television services company based on Svalbard, Norway that works across the entire frozen planet, both the Arctic and Antarctic.

Throughout three decades we have been involved in an untold number of polar projects in all regions of the poles. The combined logistical knowledge led to the creation of PolarX with expansion of the services to include exploring, science, arts, transport, aviation, and superyachts.

What we do

Explore our range of services at the ends of the earth.

Film & television production at the ends of the earth.


Venturing into the unknown, navigating the unexplored.


Coordination of complex polar operations.


Experiential adventures to evolve.


Experience adventures with opulence.

Ice Train

A dynamic, sustainable and creative future.



Our story

PolarX was founded in the early 1990’s as Jason Roberts Productions, a film and television production service company based in Longyearbyen on the Norwegian islands of Svalbard.

Offering a wide range of services to the production industry, catering not only for large international networks, but also for small video producers and still photographers. Though being based on the High Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard and specialising in polar regions, we have carried out services in many other cold regions of the globe, from pole to pole.

Applying the combined logistical knowledge of three decades in the poles, PolarX is continuing as the experts for all things cold.