Film & television production at the ends of the earth.


A specialised Film & TV production services company operating across the entire polar regions. With over three decades experience in the planet’s most challenging and beautiful landscapes.

Productions services on all scales from natural history documentaries to feature films. Facilitating crews on remote locations working in extreme conditions. Full location services ranging from logistics, equipment, pre-production consultation, advice on scripts, permitting, detailed budgeting.

We are the world’s foremost provider of highly specialised polar logistical support for film productions and photographers journeying to the ends of the earth.


We have extensive experience with servicing Feature films, TV dramas, Natural History programs, Music videos, Observational documentaries, Commercials and Still photography.

We can provide specialist expertise for any polar filming through the extensive knowledge of our staff and global network of contacts that cover every subject in the polar regions:

  • Over three decades of polar experience
  • Numerous ground-breaking films produced
  • Perfect track record with regards to delivery of the product
  • Perfect historic record regarding health & safety
  • No other has provided more footage of Polar Bears in history
  • Specialist knowledge in filming polar wildlife
  • Extensive mountaineering and glacial experience allowing access to remote locations
  • Numerous contacts throughout the polar shipping industry and have serviced many productions with icebreaker/vessels support
  • A strong working relationship with indigenous people across the entire north allowing access to unique ways of life
  • We have a working relationship with Antarctic research projects allowing access to remote locations


We offer a full range of production services to the film & television industry specialising in the world’s remotest locations.

Our production logistic support ranges from providing for the ‘one-man show’ to very large-scale production crews at the ends of the earth. We provide specialised guiding with an in-depth scientific and natural history knowledge of the polar regions. Whether it is a deep-frozen camera problem, an inaccessible location or just a production that needs a fixer, we have the expertise.

  • Research and location scouting
  • Advising on scripts and treatments
  • Budgeting location costs
  • Specialist polar knowledge and advice tailored to the production genre
  • Permit assistance for the remote locations
  • Risk assessments and location safety
  • Pioneering the use of cutting-edge filming methods
  • Aerial filming specialists
  • Dive filming specialists
  • Marine filming specialists
  • Equipment rentals
  • Transportation coordination
  • Craft services

Whether you are looking for a sequence or a complete delivered production from the frozen planet, we guarantee that our decades of ‘cold’ experience will benefit your production.